Latisse versus Revitalash

Interesting information on lash enhancement product:

A number of clients have commented on my lashes and asked if I used anything like Latisse, which is a prescription product for lash growth enhancement. I’ve only ever used REVITALASH and have done so for about 7 or 8 years. People have also asked if I will be selling the product.

I contacted Revitalash to inquire about retailing the product and find out what the differences are between them and Latisse.

This is interesting and makes sense according to both my own experience with Revitalash and what my customers have shared about Latisse–

Revitalash is a patented formula and was introduced many years before Latisse. In fact, it was one of the first products on the market of its kind. It contains conditioners and antimicrobial agents that prevent bacterial growth that liquid products like it are prone to harbor because bacteria thrive in dark, warm, moist environments such as the tube that they are stored in.

A major practical difference is that while we all notice length from Latisse, Revitalash enhances both length and volume. So in the first few weeks, the lashes get longer, but thereafter, only Revitalash will make the lashes thicker as well.

It’s important to remember is to NEVER use waterproof or “long-wear” mascara because those products are nearly 100% tar, which damages lashes by drying them out and require more agitating while cleansing to remove. This is stressful to the lashes.

They highly recommend Jane Iredale mascara formulas because they’re more “soft build”, and while they require an additional coat or more to build more volume, they’re also great at conditioning and strengthening the natural lashes.

Issues with artificial lash extensions are separate due to the restrictive requirements of the adhesive.

I hope you enjoyed this mini seminar!!

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