SPF is the hottest topic in skincare during our scorching deep southern summers! Are you tired of getting burned by ineffective sunscreens?

A high quality SPF is crucial to prevent damage and burning on children as well as adults. Preventing damage makes preserving elastic, youthful, and cancer-free skin easier–and far less costly.

ENVIRON SPF 25 provides Broad Spectrum protection (UVA/UVB) and is easy to apply! The best sunscreens are physical sunscreens made of titanium dioxide and zinc/oxide.  AND include antioxidants which destroy DNA-damaging free radicals.

DWD (Damage While Driving) is the most serious betrayal of sun-damage aging to the arms and hands. Don’t get caught red-handed.  jane iredale Powder Me SPF is  an oil-free, weightless, broad-spectrum SPF 40 in powder form for swimming, boating, sports, gardening, or outdoor music and food festivals throughout the gulf south. Use it as aweightless replacement for creamy sunscreen products…especially on the face where creams can feel heavy and leak into the eyes.

Keep jane iredale’s Powder Me SPF in your car to protect your arms while driving! It never leaks and never gets too hot to handle as you don’t even need to touch the product to apply it!

Apply liberally and reapply after swimming or heavy sweating!

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