Now that the kids are back in school, reclaim your skin with a post-summer deep cleansing facial.

Daily at home skin care is vital for protecting and improving one’s skin. Environ’s approach to anti-aging and pigmentation treatment for home care maximizes Vitamin C with Vitamin A for a  non-aggressive and non-irritating daily experience.

Sun protection is a critical part of that daily care. Jane Iredale’s broad spectrum SPF mineral foundations are a powerful weapon used to prevent damage and minimize or prevent patchy pigmentation. Mineral SPF foundation

If summer sun has your skin looking patchy or stressed, let me help you rejuvenate its softness and clarity with a Vitamin C treatment. The Polished Surface facial uses Environ’s Intense C -Peel treatment as the centerpiece of this power pigment puncher.  Salycilic acid exfoliates for smoothness and a concentrated dose of vitamin C work in synergy to fight brown spots and patches for clearer, smoother, and more even skin coloring. Extractions, trademark alginate cooling masque, and massage are included in this facial at 90 minutes.

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Graduation Gift Certificates!!

Graduation is upon us again –as well as the heat!

Congratulate your graduate—son, daughter, nephew, niece, cousin, child of your friend, neighbor—with a Gift Certificate for either a specific service or a value!

Gift Certificates (and soon Gift Cards) are an excellent, easy, and accessible gift that allows your “gifted” graduate an introduction to the best brows, smart skincare advice and products, and the purest mineral makeup through Jane Iredale, The Skincare Makeup!

Gift Cards

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Break Up with your Make Up!!

You’re JUST NOT THAT INTO IT anymore.

It’s time to Break UP with your Makeup!

You’ve opened your makeup drawer/bag/satchel/sack/cabinet for a LONG time and have promised yourself you would “throw it out but at the same time you’ll need it again someday”—one of the 5 concealers, 12 lip glosses all in the same color, 15 or more of the same brown eyeshadows(but one has a little shimmer to it and the other one has a little more gold in it than the others and this one has no shimmer and…..

If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, if you open it and it smells like dirt(or crayons), then it’s time to ditch it.

Book an appointment with me for a makeup lesson!

We’ll do it together:

  • review each product
  • identify and eliminate those that are expired or not working for you
  • review which ones that are good for your face and how to correctly use them
  • agree on suggestions on which ones to buy-no-more and either replace with more appropriate product or take back a few minutes of time every morning!

IMG_3495 IMG_3506Break Up with Your Makeup