Break Up with your Make Up!!

You’re JUST NOT THAT INTO IT anymore.

It’s time to Break UP with your Makeup!

You’ve opened your makeup drawer/bag/satchel/sack/cabinet for a LONG time and have promised yourself you would “throw it out but at the same time you’ll need it again someday”—one of the 5 concealers, 12 lip glosses all in the same color, 15 or more of the same brown eyeshadows(but one has a little shimmer to it and the other one has a little more gold in it than the others and this one has no shimmer and…..

If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, if you open it and it smells like dirt(or crayons), then it’s time to ditch it.

Book an appointment with me for a makeup lesson!

We’ll do it together:

  • review each product
  • identify and eliminate those that are expired or not working for you
  • review which ones that are good for your face and how to correctly use them
  • agree on suggestions on which ones to buy-no-more and either replace with more appropriate product or take back a few minutes of time every morning!

IMG_3495 IMG_3506Break Up with Your Makeup


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